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SkyOS SkyOS has always been criticised for the fact that you have to pay for it in order to beta test it. I personally never saw a problem with this construction, especially since the price included a full copy of SkyOS 5 (they dropped the five) once it was completed. However, as of late, it has become increasingly clear that there may never be anything like a final version - or another test release for that matter. Update: In the comments, Robert Szeleney explained the current SkyOS situation in more detail. For future readers who find this article via a search engine, I've attached Robert's comment to the actual story for completeness' sake. The reply can also be found on the SkyOS website.
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I was tempted...
by iskios on Fri 30th Jan 2009 11:15 UTC
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I was very much tempted to buy into the beta program, because I love fiddling around with different OSes. I am not a programmer, just a user, but as a user I love to see the different wys people develope stuff, what they think is interesting in an OS and its UI design.

I have always found SkyOS to be interesting in its look, but the UI design is not revolutionary or anything.

What stopped me from subscribing was the idea that a single, or very small group like that, could develop this OS at a fast enough clip to keep me interested, and paying for that frustration was not something I wanted to do.

To this day, I am still curious about it and if it was Open Source I would try it in a split second.

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