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General Development "Whilst an increasing number of recent converts are avoiding it (and I don't blame them really), the shell is still a key tool for the majority of GNU/Linux users. Shell scripts are knocked-up, shared and deployed in all sorts of circumstances - some simply time-saving, others life-saving. But even if the shell script has been written by somebody else, running it can be a cumbersome and frightening exercise for users of lesser experience or confidence. How do we bring the flexibility of the shell script to the GUI-only user? Recently faced with just such a quandary,">I discovered Zenity: a tool which just might have saved my sanity."
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Avoiding the shell
by massysett on Fri 30th Jan 2009 19:33 UTC
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"Whilst an increasing number of recent converts are avoiding it"

I often see glib statements about new Unix users avoiding the shell. What I have not seen is any basis for these statements.

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