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Privacy, Security, Encryption Yesterday, we reported on the security flaw in Windows 7's UAC slider dialog, and today, Microsoft has given a response to the situation, but it doesn't seem like the company intends to fix it. "This is not a vulnerability. The intent of the default configuration of UAC is that users don't get prompted when making changes to Windows settings. This includes changing the UAC prompting level." I hope this reply came from a marketing drone, because if they intend on keeping this behaviour as-is in Windows 7 RTM, they're going to face a serious shitstorm - and rightfully so. Let's hope the Sinfoskies and Larson-Greens at Microsoft rectify this situation as soon as possible.
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It doesn't ask for further confirmation.
The(unneeded) sudo in chmod makes it so that all commands are trusted for a few minutes. If you followed my instructions no password is asked. If you didn't follow them but had just used sudo, no password is asked.
The bottom line is: do not run scripts.

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