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Legal There has been a bit of a buzz lately surrounding some indeterminate patent threats going back and forth between Apple and Palm. Palm is about to launch the Pre, which supposedly could infringe on a number of iPhone patents. Both companies have stated that they will defend themselves against any possible patent infringements. Engadget enlisted the help of two patent attornies, and they took a good look at both sides and came up with some interesting results: while Palm could be infringing on Apple's patents, Apple sure as water is also infringing on a number of Palm patents. Still, that doesn't have to mean anything.
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RE[5]: Why are patients granted?
by nevali on Sat 31st Jan 2009 22:44 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Why are patients granted?"
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You don't have to build a prototype, but you are supposed to give clear instructions such that "somebody skilled in the art" can build whatever your thing is.

Unfortunately, patent examiners can't exactly be hugely knowledgeable across all of the fields things can be patented in, so what happens is that the whole thing gets dealt with in courts instead.

As a result, what was a relatively fair system when it applied solely to mechanical inventions is now a hugely unfair system tilted in favour of those with the best lawyers.

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