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Google Earlier this morning, you may have been surprised to see that every Google search you performed resulted in links to sites which were, according to Google, potentially harmful to your computer. As it turns out, Google's malware detection system got a little trigger-happy - due to a human error.
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RE: Mother-may-I...?
by darknexus on Sat 31st Jan 2009 23:36 UTC in reply to "Mother-may-I...?"
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At the risk of going off topic here, I agree with the first part of your message. Security is 99% common sense. That being said, the act of using Linux doesn't make you secure. For the moment it seems that way, as there hasn't been any serious threat in the wild. Do you think it would stay that way if everyone suddenly dropped Windows and switched to a Linux-based os? If it was suddenly a big enough target, or to put it more precisely, _the_ target to attack?

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