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Amiga & AROS Boys and girls, it's time to dust off your Pegasos II machine, or maybe to reduce the size of your MorphOS partition, because there's a new contender coming your way: ACube Systems Srl has announced the immediate availability of AmigaOS 4.1 for the Pegasos II. It's 01:40 here, so I can't check if the sky is falling, but I'm pretty sure it is.
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Amiga have NEVER DIED!
by Amix on Sun 1st Feb 2009 05:01 UTC
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Because you and millions of others THINK that Amiga is dead doesn't mean it IS. It's alive and kicking. New software updates comes all the time for both AmigaOS4.1 and MorphOS. The classic AmigaOS is also still supported by software developers!

Commodore died YES!.. But Amigascene never died. That's why we have a PPC platform now which Commodore never entered. The USERS of this system have told the WORLD that Amiga IS NOT DEAD.

Amiga systems is the best out there. Just buy an Amiga and see for yourself why. YOU won't understand it before you've tried it.

So stop commenting that AMIGA IS DEAD, because it's NOT! Maybe your spirits, souls have taken Amiga farewell, but in reality AMIGA IS ALIVE! Now more than ever! Just check out! New software and updates comes almost daily.,, reports daily news from the Amiga Development and Happenings!

So, my conclusion is. Rather than trying to imagine that AMIGA IS DEAD, turn your heads 720 degrees around and face whats the face. AMIGA IS STILL ALIVE.


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