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OSNews, Generic OSes While last week was a tad bit uneventful, this week made up for it. Not only did we get the long-awaited release of KDE 4.2, we also gained more insight into the whole Palm/Apple thing, NVIDIA's CEO said a few funny things, and we got an important sit-rep on SkyOS straight from Robert Szeleney himself. This week's My Take is about life, death, and resurrection.
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RE[3]: So what IS new in KDE 4.2?
by Chris on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 08:31 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: So what IS new in KDE 4.2?"
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Akonadi is a neat backend thing but how does it specifically make your experience better?

I'm wondering the same thing.
Akonadi enabled or disabled doesn't seem to have any effect on my experience with kontact.
Everything runs as it does with or without akonadi.

All it's good for, as far i can tell, is keeping my cpu warm.

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