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In the News Since it's nigh on impossible to produce accurate figures of operating system usage, we have to make do with figures that provide a rough estimate, at best. One such set of statistics are the figures from Net Applications, which tracks the 160 million monthly visitors to its hosted websites. The latest figures from January 2009 have been published, and they show that the rise of Mac OS X continues, as well as that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unsurprisingly, Windows 7 did quite well too.
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RE: The linux plateau
by Morin on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 13:01 UTC in reply to "The linux plateau"
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> I can't remember the last time I had to install a
> driver for anything on OS x.

While this obviously stems from OS X being marketed with special (known) hardware, I am still puzzled why nobody tries that route with Linux. Choose known, working hardware; customize a working Linux distro like Ubuntu for exactly that hardware (and nothing else); slap a careful choice of applications on it; sell it.

Proprietary parts can be included since, unlike free-to-download distros, paying for licenses isn't a problem with a product that is sold for money.

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