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In the News Since it's nigh on impossible to produce accurate figures of operating system usage, we have to make do with figures that provide a rough estimate, at best. One such set of statistics are the figures from Net Applications, which tracks the 160 million monthly visitors to its hosted websites. The latest figures from January 2009 have been published, and they show that the rise of Mac OS X continues, as well as that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unsurprisingly, Windows 7 did quite well too.
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I'll start it!!!!!!
by milles21 on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 22:27 UTC
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Ok I'll finally bite and I you can mod me down as you wish. It seems that anytime Linux is mentioned in a negative light here comes the all out defenders. However I want some honest responses, not the I love Linux and defend it responses.

This is just my view so do with it as you want;,

1. Linux is not really advancing the industry in terms of inventive technologies. they continue to make alternatives however they are providing little in terms of technological advances such as OpenCL.

2. Linux is a great platform however in terms of ease of use enterprise management with great tools. The community has vehemently torn down in my opinon the one company able to bring enterprise tools and linux to small buisness and enterprises with the ease of Microsoft which is Novell. In terms of enterprise tools there is not another Linux vendor that has the complete enterprise platform of email, identity management, linux, virtualization(platespin), patch management(both Windows and linux), reporting services, directory management.

Redhat is great however there are not a cohesive integrated easily managed platform in comparison to Novell's offering and neither is ubuntu.

From an enterprise perspective even OS X's opendirectory, server admin tools provide a better view than ubuntu and redhat. if OS' X was to run on more platforms than apple we would not really even be talking about Linux especially if ZFS, grand central and OpenCl are what there are expected to be.

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