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Graphics, User Interfaces A long time ago, we asked everyone to show their desktops, and we figured it would be nice, on this (for me) cold and dreary Monday to do that all over again, over two years later. The questions remain the same: cluttered or clean? Icons or no icons? Dual or single panel layout in GNOME? How free-form is your Plasma desktop? Are there any real computer users in here (as in, using CDE)? Read on for my own two desktops.
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Here's mine
by deathshadow on Mon 2nd Feb 2009 23:34 UTC
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Warning, it's almost a meg even at 15% loss since it's
5120x1200 - two 24" LCD's at 1920x1200 and a 17" at 1280x1024 (soon to be replaced by a third 24" LCD)

Windows XP x64, 'classic' theme with all the goofy animated bull turned off. Taskbar is in portrait mode on the right with that "Group similar buttons" nonsense turned off, the "hide inactive icons" nonsense turned off, - and the start menu has "personalized menus" turned off as well. The point of a menu is to show you ALL the options, not just the options you happen to have used recently!

Let's just say there's a reason I bitch about Gnome not letting you set the width of one of it's toolbars to more than 128 pixels wide, much less it's half assed behavior towards stretching everything to max height.

Of course that goes with my attitude towards most of the new eye candy garbage - It's like UI designers seem to think it is a cardinal sin to have TEXT displayed to tell you what all those open windows are - instead relying on some goof assed thumbnail so distorted you can't tell any of the windows apart. (am I the only person that finds multitasking under OSX damned near impossible to use? - gimme a ******* taskbar!)

Oh, and here's another shot, this time with a couple windows open.

Which illustrates how I have to zoom in 30% in opera to make this site useful because it uses absurdly undersized fixed metric fonts instead of dynamic fonts, effectively alienating large font/120 dpi users and being an accessability /FAIL/.

Made even more of a pain in the ass by the fact that the form boxes DO use dynamic fonts, so while typing in text it's better to return to default zoom - GREAT... But what do you expect from a page designed to a fixed width for no good reason.

-- edit --

forgot photobucket is a ****tard about resizing images even if you are under the file SIZE limitations... so excuse the heavy artifacting on the second pic.

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