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Graphics, User Interfaces A long time ago, we asked everyone to show their desktops, and we figured it would be nice, on this (for me) cold and dreary Monday to do that all over again, over two years later. The questions remain the same: cluttered or clean? Icons or no icons? Dual or single panel layout in GNOME? How free-form is your Plasma desktop? Are there any real computer users in here (as in, using CDE)? Read on for my own two desktops.
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Oops, forgot 7
by deathshadow on Tue 3rd Feb 2009 00:17 UTC in reply to "Here's mine"
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I also had win7 installed last month - did my testing, reported what didn't work...

Which was the same general resolution, but at that time I was running two 21" CRT's and just one 24" LCD. Center CRT caught fire a couple weeks ago (literally) so I figured maybe it was time to go pure LCD. (still adjusting to the COMPLETE lack of real blacks)

The biggest thing that had problems is right there in the screenshot - Audio. My audigy 2 would cut in and out trying to play games and when trying to use my EMU Morpheus alongside the Audigy 2 (basically giving me three EMU 10K chips in one machine - 96 channels on six ports, 384 multitimbral, no waiting - did we mention I usually have a gig of ram sucking down soundfonts?) both devices would alternate cutting in and out. (driver issue in a beta? No, REALLY?)

Which still means it worked better than Vista where the system would BSOD if I tried to play more than 60 measures non-stop in Sonar...

As you can also see, I was able to turn off most of that new taskbar nonsense and get it back to how I like my desktop laid out - though interestingly I left the new Aero enabled (though I turned off all the animated bull) since it seemed to be more 'polished' and less annoying than Aero is under Vista (like say, you change the desktop color you don't get stuck with cyan lines that don't match!)

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