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Graphics, User Interfaces A long time ago, we asked everyone to show their desktops, and we figured it would be nice, on this (for me) cold and dreary Monday to do that all over again, over two years later. The questions remain the same: cluttered or clean? Icons or no icons? Dual or single panel layout in GNOME? How free-form is your Plasma desktop? Are there any real computer users in here (as in, using CDE)? Read on for my own two desktops.
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RE: Mine
by diskinetic on Tue 3rd Feb 2009 05:43 UTC in reply to "Mine"
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I remember taking a beginning computing class waaaaay back in 1987. I was using a used C64 with GEOS, and had been for months. Then I go into a collegiate computer course, and that naked white prompt was staring balefully at me. I remember asking out loud, "You're kidding, right?"


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