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In the News Since it's nigh on impossible to produce accurate figures of operating system usage, we have to make do with figures that provide a rough estimate, at best. One such set of statistics are the figures from Net Applications, which tracks the 160 million monthly visitors to its hosted websites. The latest figures from January 2009 have been published, and they show that the rise of Mac OS X continues, as well as that of the iPhone and iPod Touch. Unsurprisingly, Windows 7 did quite well too.
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RE: I just don't get it.
by Morin on Tue 3rd Feb 2009 09:44 UTC in reply to "I just don't get it."
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> Hell, for what it's worth, create its own OpenGL-based window
> server and load it as a binary, so the open source-crowd can't just
> recompile the source you have to publish in order to make it work
> on every machine. A few core-components of OS X are open source
> too.

I can only agree in part to this. If you start including major proprietary parts in the OS, then you basically start fighting Apple on their own ground, and that is bound to fail because 1) they are doing a good job and 2) they have a huge head start.

Don't forget that the product you're trying to sell is a fully integrated system, not a single piece of magic software. Better keep it open, let others use and improve it, but protect your own trade marks at all cost such that rip-offs must create their own distro or product and not pull a Hackintosh.

Of course, some parts may have to be closed because of licensing requirements (e.g. third-party drivers), and this might even force you to use the BSD kernel instead of Linux. However, such closed parts would be a compromise, not a concept.

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