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Windows Windows Vista has never exactly been a favourite subject among company IT people. Migrating from Windows XP to Windows Vista isn't exactly a worry-free process, and machines that run Windows XP comfortably may have trouble powering Windows vista. As such, adoption of Vista has been slow. Two years after Vista's release, the OS is still struggling in the enterprise sector, according to a Forrester report.
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We Haven't Moved Because We Can't
by kadymae on Tue 3rd Feb 2009 17:50 UTC
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At the U where I work, my division was selected shortly after Vista rolled out to test it. This is due to the fact that we have our own dedicated IT department and can give campus IT an idea of what they will face when they roll out software system wide. (For example, we were the guinea pigs for Office 2007.)

We discovered that we cannot run Vista in house because it doesn't work with several mission critical programs we use. We also discovered that the State Higher Education System cannot switch to Vista because it doesn't work with a System Wide mission critical program (a legacy program so old it dates from before the days of standard keyboard commands). (As an aside, this program is roundly hated by anybody who has to use it, but only now, because the vendor can't make it work with Vista is the vendor working on an upgrade.)

Because of those programs, we must stick with XP.

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