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Windows Microsoft has given a bit more insight into where to go from the Windows 7 beta to general availability. There will only be a release candidate (no second beta), and even though an exact release date is unknown, it is most likely released before the timebomb date of the beta (July 2). The RC will take much longer to expire, too.
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RE: bad idea
by linuxiac38 on Tue 3rd Feb 2009 18:30 UTC in reply to "bad idea"
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If you want a BASH shell, simply go run a secure, stable, multi-tasking, multi-user, multi-processor, FREE, BSD, or Linux distro!

Also, you will be safe from the million Microsoft virus/bot/trojans, and exploits!

Also, much of your legacy scanners, printers, web cams, will work. Don't you just hate having to purchase Gigabytes of memory, new printers, scanners, etc. so you can run Vista or W7!?

Microsoft insists on pushing us to purchase unneeded hardware, from their 'trusted partners', for every 'new' Microsoft virus magnet release!

Homer Simpson would say, "Doh!"!

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