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OSNews, Generic OSes Creating a new operating system isn't an easy task. Even if you have dozens, hundreds of people, it may still take years. And even if you do get some code out there, chances are no one will really give a flying monkey butt, and your hard work will wither away in irrelevance. You really need something unique in order to stand out and be noticed, and Dmitry Zavalishin claims he has that something: his Phantom OS never dies.
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Nobody needs files in Phantom
by ValiantSoul on Wed 4th Feb 2009 01:35 UTC
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"Nobody needs files in Phantom"

So I am to keep all of my AACs/MP3s in these persisted objects? What happens when I want to switch from one player to another? Likewise with text documents, what if I want to switch from Phantom Office (or whatever) to OpenOffice? Can I steal someone else's objects? If so, I forsee a major security issue, if not a major inconvenience issue.

Also, how am I to backup these persisted objects? What if I want to reinstall, or transfer a document to another computer?

I have my concerns/doughts about this OS.

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