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Apple Apple has always been about moving forward, about pressing customers to buy the latest and greatest. Product pacing has been high in Cupertino (except for the Mac Mini, obviously), and this is obviously a good thing if you're an Apple bean counter. Most Apple fans more or less accept this planned obsolescence without question, but the company may have just gone a little too far.
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RE: Two points
by Vide on Wed 4th Feb 2009 13:01 UTC in reply to "Two points"
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Guess what? no one listened to me (and people like me) - and now this group of complainers are now swarming websites like this - pissing an moaning after being full warned as to the consequences of their purchasing decision. Please explain to me why the slightest bit of sympathy should be shed for those who went and purchased a massive upgrade knowing that there was a limited life span to it?

Kaiwai, were you speaking as an Apple worker or official Apple reseller to customers or as a simple Apple/tech-savvy to his friends? Because what really counts it's only the first position: official Apple position. In 2006 Apple was migrating to Intel yet it was still selling powerful&expensive PPC machines, saying to its paying costumers "Don't worry for your brand new PPC, we will support it!". Now, the support ended after 2.5 years, and people have all the right to complain and shout at Apple.

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