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In the News If you were to break into my network, getting to the contents of the right computer would be easy. I facilitate digital burglars by naming my computers according to what they actually are; my main desktop machine carries the label "Desktop", my Aspire One is imaginatively named "One", and this trend continues down to "PowerMac G4", "Ultra 5", and "T2". I always found giving computers real names was a tad bit wacky, but as it turns out, it can actually be very useful to give your servers and computers whimsical but meaningful names.
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my computers..
by cordis on Wed 4th Feb 2009 20:52 UTC
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Mine are all named after characters from Gilligan's Island. It's a useful because it reminds me to ditch some of them after I get more than 7 going at once. Typically I use Ginger and Mary Ann for laptops, although I did break pattern and name the EEE pc 'coconut'.

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