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Linux With Linux traditionally coming in many, many flavours, a common call among some Linux fans - but mostly among people who actually do not use Linux - is to standardise all the various distributions, and work from a single "one-distribution-to-rule-them-all". In a recent interview, Linus Tovalds discarded the idea, stating that he thinks "it's something absolutely required!"
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The flaw in your argument is quite easy to pick out... despite all the distros, there is still only one upstream per project...

If new comers want a distro to try, they undoubtedly will use Ubuntu until they get a clue, and that's fine - it makes the choice very easy for them. As people become more aware of the situation, they'll want something that better accomidates what THEY want out of the system... hence all the distros...

What people are forgetting on this discussion is that there is still things like LFS which allow for even more customization. To say that there is pretty much only DEB and RPM these days is ignorant.

Use whatever you're familiar with until it starts to annoy you - if it never does, you never need to dive into all the different distros available.

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