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Linux With Linux traditionally coming in many, many flavours, a common call among some Linux fans - but mostly among people who actually do not use Linux - is to standardise all the various distributions, and work from a single "one-distribution-to-rule-them-all". In a recent interview, Linus Tovalds discarded the idea, stating that he thinks "it's something absolutely required!"
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RE: What's the point ?
by Lunitik on Wed 4th Feb 2009 23:13 UTC in reply to "What's the point ?"
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Also, somewhat offtopic, but the "one desktop fits all" again will never happen...

There is work over at to reuse as much code as possible, but just as with anything else you can't please everyone with just one product.

The specifics you stated though, perhaps try a different application launcher in KDE4 (I recommend raptor or the task oriented UI of krunner2), or file bugs on nautilus?

If people don't know the issues, its sort of hard to fix them...

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