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ReactOS Three months after the previous release, the ReactOS Team has released version 0.3.8 of their Windows NT-compatible operating system. We have taken a short virtual look at this new release. In addition, the project will have a booth at the FOSDEM event in Brussels, Belgium on the 7th and 8th February. Several members of ReactOS Development Team along with the Project Coordinator will be attending. You can have a chance to test the live system, speak with developers, and get a closer look at their project.
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RE[5]: Lindows business model
by ricegf on Thu 5th Feb 2009 19:57 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Lindows business model"
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Linux never had binary compatibility with any Unix variant as a goal - it was free to evolve in the best direction available given evolving technology. This allowed Linux to surpass Unix in some (not all) areas, and eventually (ironically) various Unix implementations began striving for Linux compatibility.

The goal of binary compatibility will ensure ReactOS is always... reacting... to Microsoft.

Once the OS is mature enough, however, a fork or two could provide interesting fodder for the OS grist mill, where perhaps "compatible enough, and sometimes better" will allow it to garner a measurable market share. Could be fun.

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