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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks have been heralded as the foot in the door for Linux. With the launch of the earliest Eee PC models, Asus made a bold move by only offering them with Linux pre-installed; Microsoft soon responded by working with Asus to bring Windows XP to the next generation Eee PCs. Since then, Windows XP gained market share in the netbook segment rapidly, casting doubts over whether or not netbooks would really turn out to be that foot in the door. HP has today announced that its new HP Mini 1000 netbook will not be available with Linux pre-installed in Europe.
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RE: HP is absolutely right
by raver31 on Fri 6th Feb 2009 01:14 UTC in reply to "HP is absolutely right"
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Why would customer purchase linux netbook where HP cannot guarantee that all peripherals like digicam, scanner, printer, wireless etc will work flawlessly on linux netbook.

If someone is going to release any type of computer, they will make sure all the hardware works or they won't be in business for long.

Whereas customer will happily pay 20-40$ more to have peace of mind about working peripherals.
And fanboys creates ghost of virus etc etc. But XP with freeware, yes it is freeware like firefox, AVG, zonealarm, spywareblaster, openoffice, spybot installed garuanteed to be as safe as linux distro.
You get double benefits with XP netbook, 1) almost all of peripherals will work and 2) with above listed freeware your comp is safe. 3) no headachecs of spending hours to tweak printer and scanner and camera and Wireless card...
get some more family /personal life for cost of $20-40...Good for me Good for you

Also FUD... and 5 year old FUD at that, if you are going to spread shit, at least spread FRESH SHIT.

Linux is more compatible with hardware out of the box than Windows is. If you were to do a fresh install on a computer using Windows and Linux, more things would work with Linux than Windows.

And you are well beat if you have no internet connection to get all the drivers for a Windows machine.

Malware is a ghost invented by fanbois ? wow, you really are deluded.

Do everyone a favour and either try an up to date distro like opensuse 11, mandriva 2009 or fedora 10, if not, then NEVER post outdated FUD, it just makes you look retarded.

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