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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks have been heralded as the foot in the door for Linux. With the launch of the earliest Eee PC models, Asus made a bold move by only offering them with Linux pre-installed; Microsoft soon responded by working with Asus to bring Windows XP to the next generation Eee PCs. Since then, Windows XP gained market share in the netbook segment rapidly, casting doubts over whether or not netbooks would really turn out to be that foot in the door. HP has today announced that its new HP Mini 1000 netbook will not be available with Linux pre-installed in Europe.
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RE[4]: HP is absolutely right
by google_ninja on Fri 6th Feb 2009 13:16 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: HP is absolutely right"
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The OP was spreading the old FUD about printers/scanners/and webcams. Those problems are pretty much fixed with most newer kernels supporting v4l devices as standard, and the leaps and bounds CUPS has made.

I'll agree the OP was trolling, which is why I was hesitant at responding. CUPS and SANE definitely cover an insane amount of hardware nowadays. (although OCR support isn't too hot)

I would also like to add to something Worknman said, why should they offer a Windows version and a blank version ? While it is true that the user can format and add whatever they like, what is the point of Joe User buying a blank machine ? That is going to add up to another sale for a Windows license, when the poor smoe was just looking for something for email and web browsing..... exactly why netbooks exist in the first place.

Because another 30-40$ on a 400$ machine to be able to use an os that is familiar to Joe is typically worth the relatively small overhead. The thing with Joe is that he hates having to spend any time learning anything he doesn't have to about computers, so the more familiar the the better, and if 40$ saves the hours he has already spent getting comfortable with windows, there is no reason for him not to pay it.

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