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Games Do you remember the good old days? When game manufacturers fully realised that gamers don't really need a motivation and a back story to make them want to kill everything on screen? The good old days, when Grand Theft Auto 1 was released, and Carmageddon 1 and 2 were made. Those were the days. Somewhere along the way, however, game designers started shoe-horning backstories and motivations into games where the goal is "kill everything", and as a consequence, these games became pretentious. Thank god, however, for Saints Row 2: a game that brings back the good old days of mindless violence - just for the fun of it.
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RE: you are what you play (watch)
by olefiver on Fri 6th Feb 2009 16:28 UTC in reply to "you are what you play (watch)"
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Let me qoute a comment from blog linked by areks

First neither group was tested before hand to set a base for their individual reaction times. The differences are in SECONDS. Obviously some people think SLOWER than others. Maybe they were considering the personal threat if becoming involved.
After a few seconds everyone seems to become involved. If people were really desensitized they would never become involved. And at no point is the group dynamic addressed.
Just more half assed horror stories seeking outside sources to blame and simplify problems.

Research with no baseline test is worthless.
One can be a good samaritan, and still watch 300 and The Ruins and play GTA.

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