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Windows You have to hand it to them: Microsoft has made an excellent marketing move the last couple of days. Remember the UAC issue we reported on earlier? It turned out that changing UAC settings did not actually trigger a UAC dialog, allowing scripts and malware to disable UAC altogether without the user ever noticing anything - obviously leaving the system wide open. After stating numerous times the company wouldn't do anything about this issue, they have now done a complete 180, and will fix UAC to work as many had already advised. A brilliant marketing ploy right there.
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by womprat on Fri 6th Feb 2009 19:13 UTC
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I believe they knew about it, and had a plan to fix it. Now they are pretending to respond to the communities highlighting of the security flaw to be the "big man". Remember this is a BETA people! It's not even a big deal, it is almost a year away from release, this kind of thing is NORMAL to be found in a BETA

If they told the truth and said its a BETA. It is not intended for production use in any form, and therefore riddled with things that are not production quality ie - we haven't made this or that process the right privledge level yes blah blah. Then we would criticising that!

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