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Syllable, AtheOS Recently, the first public version was released of the alpha development version of REBOL 3, the advanced programming language by Carl Sassenrath of Amiga OS fame. Now, native versions have also been released for Linux and Mac OS X. Like the private version of a year ago, the Linux version runs on Syllable Server. These versions are currently comparable to REBOL/Core 2, without the graphical system, and can be downloaded through here. REBOL is an important part of Syllable's cross-platform strategy.
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RE: Why?
by alcibiades on Sat 7th Feb 2009 08:19 UTC in reply to "Why?"
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Good question. Another variant is, if its so great, why do not more people use it for more significant projects? If you ask that on forums where this stuff is discussed, you never get an answer.

Development does seem to be very slow, V 3 is coming out at a snail's pace. Documentation is pretty hard to come by. And yet it seems to have enormous promise, small, fast and powerful, totally cross platform, and with an easy to use gui kit on top. Has anyone made a serious effort to use it for real projects?

In a way, this story is a bit typical of the atmosphere around it. Without wanting to be unkind, its a story about an OS no-one uses or is likely to use in anger, which now runs a programming language very few people run either.

What is everyone missing?

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