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Hardware, Embedded Systems Netbooks have been heralded as the foot in the door for Linux. With the launch of the earliest Eee PC models, Asus made a bold move by only offering them with Linux pre-installed; Microsoft soon responded by working with Asus to bring Windows XP to the next generation Eee PCs. Since then, Windows XP gained market share in the netbook segment rapidly, casting doubts over whether or not netbooks would really turn out to be that foot in the door. HP has today announced that its new HP Mini 1000 netbook will not be available with Linux pre-installed in Europe.
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RE[2]: Addiction
by deathshadow on Sat 7th Feb 2009 11:50 UTC in reply to "RE: Addiction"
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>> Look. I've been using Linux for years now (Kubuntu, but RHEL before that), and as much as I *want* Linux to be my favourite desktop, it just doesn't have the applications and general 'glue' and windows does

SPOT ON. I use both, and frankly for my primary workstation *nix falls flat on it's face, the appliactions just aren't there, the hardware support for the simplest of things like video is a confusing train wreck and when you actually DO find a program or driver that does what you want, the quality and interaction between them and other programs/drivers feels forced at best, nonexistant at worst.

It's why I've said time and time again *nix is for servers, windows is for desktops, and never shall the 'twain meet. I wouldn't trade my Debian Etch server for a windows one, nor would I trade my XP x64 workstation for any flavor of Linux.

X Windows is slow as molassas, unresponsive and the applications are second rate knockoffs at best - Wine is an unstable buggy mess so that's no solution either, and while crashing linux itself may be hard, and xfree86 crash in so much as a stiff breeze... Multiple display support is a ******* joke - I laugh my ass off at the *nix people bragging about twinview and better xinerama support when I've been running three or more displays on multiple adapters without any problems since Windows 98 and MacOS 6. Hell, using Targa boards I had two displays under windows 3.1 - when we say *nix is in a perpetual state of playing catchup as a desktop OS, we mean it.

Blender is no 3ds Max, OoO and freetype kern text like a sweetly retarded crack addict, the Gimp is a tinkertoy, 95% of the available text editors are like a trip in the wayback machine to 1977, Pidgin and company are screen hogs next to useless even on a 1200px tall display if you have more than ten contacts, Inkscape is certainly no Illustrator, media playback is a convoluted mess of FSF whackjobs and people who want it to just work screaming at each-other over naive socialist bull, I've yet to find anything approaching the capabilities of Sonar or a softsynth, midi mapper/monitor or soundfont manager worth a damned, much less actually get 5.1 audio and output selection working.

Which means that for all it's security woes (99% of which go away if you are smart enough to never use outlook or IE), stability issues (last time I had XP lock up was... uhm... Oh... No... Oh yeah, it was when I had faulty ASIO drivers, so let's blame the OS), and other alleged issues, XP really isn't the great evil demon people make it out to be. I can run almost any software I want, I can use almost any hardware I want, with little or no restrictions once I actually pay for the software.

Sure sounds like a hell of a lot more 'freedom' than any of the rheotoric vomited up by the worshippers at the Church of Stallman.

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