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Linux What did the Linux world look like back in 2000? TuxRadar has republished a distribution round-up from Linux Format issue 1, May 2000. Many distributions such as SUSE, Mandrake and Red Hat are still around in various incarnations, but a few such as Corel and Definite have fallen by the wayside. Still, it does bring back some memories.
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Ah, Caldera
by twm_bucket on Sun 8th Feb 2009 16:53 UTC
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My first distro was Caldera. Dead easy to install: you could even play tetris while it did it's thing. KDE 1.1. Sndcfg rocked. It had Linus pronouncing "Linux" as a test sound.

I stuck with Caldera until then decided to become SCO. Since then, it's been Debian with either Gnome or MWM, depending on fast the computer was.

I used KDE until the Klutter got too much. I mean all the installed apps! No way to select the ones you want.

Now with KDE 4.2, I may go back. It's pretty nice. I can't wait for Debian to get it.

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