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SGI and IRIX If there is one company out there that embodies "former glory", it just has to be Silicon Graphics Incorporated. Once one of the most well-respected high-performance computer and software makers of the world, it is now a mere shadow of its former self. The most recent set of financial results from the company do not bode well for the already troubled company.
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RE[4]: Windows NT
by milatchi on Sun 8th Feb 2009 17:18 UTC in reply to "RE[3]: Windows NT"
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Actually NVIDIA was founded by ex-SUN employees.

A lot of people from SGI saw the writing in the wall and migrated over to NVIDIA though.

The way I heard it was in the early 90s some engineers left SGI and formed a company -- the name escapes me at the moment; not 3dfx -- and in '93 or '94 some more engineers left SGI and joined NVIDIA. Then that first wave of engineers left or dissolved their company and joined NVIDIA too.

As for ArtX, I'm pretty sure it was founded by ex-SGI engineers and then bought by ATi in the late 90s.

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