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Apple US resident already had the pleasure/disgrace (take your pick) of buying non-Apple computers with Mac OS X pre-installed through PsyStar. European customers were left out in the cold, as PsyStar is a US-based company which undoubtedly makes shipping across the pond rather expensive. Despair no longer, European clone enthusiasts: German PearC is here.
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It's cool nevertheless...
by mweichert on Sun 8th Feb 2009 19:18 UTC
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Although I don't believe that PearC will last long, I have no objection to what they are doing. I do hope that they commit back to the osx86 project.

Until recently, I have always built my own PC clones as I felt I had better hardware for my money (though with Dell, I feel I'm getting good value and find them hard to beat). It would be nice to be able to to do the same for Mac.

Pro-choice. ;)

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