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Apple US resident already had the pleasure/disgrace (take your pick) of buying non-Apple computers with Mac OS X pre-installed through PsyStar. European customers were left out in the cold, as PsyStar is a US-based company which undoubtedly makes shipping across the pond rather expensive. Despair no longer, European clone enthusiasts: German PearC is here.
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RE[6]: Why so Ugly
by zombie process on Mon 9th Feb 2009 13:47 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Why so Ugly"
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"Thinkpad si teh ugly" in the maclot is a lot like the "windows BSOD eats your brane" in the linux camp - the reality of the situation has come and gone, but some folks have a hard time letting go of the past. There's still some gristle on the bone left to contend over, I guess. Once, circa 2000-2002, the thinkpad was dog ass ugly, looked like a lunch box, and made form-before-function pretty boys weep in the darkness. Now it's simply the best laptop made, subjectively, and is sweet looking as well - many Apple zealots hate IBM for this.

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