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SGI and IRIX If there is one company out there that embodies "former glory", it just has to be Silicon Graphics Incorporated. Once one of the most well-respected high-performance computer and software makers of the world, it is now a mere shadow of its former self. The most recent set of financial results from the company do not bode well for the already troubled company.
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by Dubhthach on Mon 9th Feb 2009 16:53 UTC in reply to "RE: Comment by Fransexy"
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I recall when they brought out the 800mhz R16k that it's specint/specfp scores were about half of those for a P4 running at 3.2Ghz so basically getting twice the work done per clock. The problem of course in sense was that SGI were never gonna ramp clock speed right up.

Their high density Origin3900 put 16 chips in one 4u/5u "Brick" this was only viable cause the chips only used 25W a piece. When you recall how much the P4 basically used that some difference in power usage.

The other problem I think in some ways were the processors didn't include built in L2 cache. 16MB cache on Tezro was great but latency/performance would have been better if it was integrated in the chip.

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