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Apple Lately I bought the Apple Aluminum Keyboard, and thought people might be interested in how it worked out after extended use. It was bought because it is quiet. If your priority is quietness, its far and away the best that's readily available. Tried out in a store you could tell it would do the trick on quietness. It seemed it would probably be OK to type on. But this is something you only find out by long sessions.
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Alternative Keyboards
by lfeagan on Tue 10th Feb 2009 04:54 UTC
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I have a few HHKB Professional II keyboards and absolutely adore them. The feedback from the keys is wonderful. The key pressure to me seem "just right". They are not too soft, as I feel the Apple keyboards for the Macbook Pros are. I spent years (nearly a decade) searching for the right keyboard. I must own or have tried nearly every keyboard from low-end to very high-end, such as DataHand and Kinesis.

The HHKB is my favorite keyboard and I carry one with me on extended business trips. I also carry a Wacom Intuos3 6"x11" on most trips. I have tried quite a few mice over the years as well. I own a few Intuos3 in various sizes for home and work as well.

As a programmer who uses ViM heavily, the lack of a dedicated number pad hardly phases me, especially when paired with Vimperator for Firefox. The commonly used modifier keys just seem to come so naturally with the compact HHKB layout. I really adore it. Key combinations to control KDE and Konsole are a breeze.

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