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Mozilla & Gecko clones Recently it became known that the European Union is charging Microsoft with anticompetitive behaviour concerning its Internet Explorer web browser. The EU is considering forcing OEMs to offer consumers a choice of browser. Opera responded quite positively to these events, and now Mozilla has responded as well: they fully support the EU.
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by abdavidson on Tue 10th Feb 2009 13:13 UTC
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Courtesy of Ryan Paul @Arstechnica

"If Firefox achieves a majority marketshare in Europe, will Opera file a complaint with the EU and contend that open source licensing constitutes an "artificial distribution advantage" over other browsers? That may seem like a far-fetched suggestion, but it wouldn't be the first time that such concerns have been voiced about open source software. Opera is certainly not above attacking Mozilla in that manner. Encouraging sanctions against dominant vendors on the basis of dominance sets a dangerous precedent."

What on earth is that person's basis for that? Casting FUD hither and thither it would appear.

Really when someone can suggest such a thing with no basis, and completely misrepresent the case as being about Microsoft being a "dominant vendor" you have to regard everything they say as suspicious.

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