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X11, Window Managers Ever since its inception, there have been problems with Compiz; people unsatisfied with the direction of the project forked it, then they merged again. Recently, the project, now known as Compiz Fusion, faced other problems, such as multiple branches and a lack of direction. A major reorganisation of the project is supposed to fix all this.
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RE: KWin
by Maners on Tue 10th Feb 2009 19:43 UTC in reply to "KWin"
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KWin in KDE4.2 is far superior to Compiz in most ways IMNSHO.

Except that it's dog slow compared to Compiz (at least on my PC: Athlon 64 3500+, GF 6800GT, Fedora 10). It's actually true for the whole KDE 4.2 - starts up almost twice as long as GNOME (from GDM screen to actual desktop) and window animations are jerky. None of this happens with GNOME + Compiz.

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