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X11, Window Managers Ever since its inception, there have been problems with Compiz; people unsatisfied with the direction of the project forked it, then they merged again. Recently, the project, now known as Compiz Fusion, faced other problems, such as multiple branches and a lack of direction. A major reorganisation of the project is supposed to fix all this.
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RE[2]: KWin
by FishB8 on Wed 11th Feb 2009 00:55 UTC in reply to "RE: KWin"
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Even with Nvidia issues worked out, KDE4 is still slow. Plasma and Kwin are good designs with a lot of planning, but they still need a lot of work to knock out bugs and work out the bottle necks.

Kwin and compiz do share code. They're called X extensions like composite, dri2, etc. Beyond that, they are two very different projects with little in common.

What they CAN do is collaborate better with Freedesktop (and Gnome) on standardizing how desktop elements are handled. Specifically, wallpaper (wallpaper in plasma sits above what all non-KDE apps consider wallpaper), "Desktop Activities" and "Widget Layers"

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