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X11, Window Managers Ever since its inception, there have been problems with Compiz; people unsatisfied with the direction of the project forked it, then they merged again. Recently, the project, now known as Compiz Fusion, faced other problems, such as multiple branches and a lack of direction. A major reorganisation of the project is supposed to fix all this.
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RE[2]: KWin
by Zelv on Wed 11th Feb 2009 09:03 UTC in reply to "RE: KWin"
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Kwin is nice, but needs KDE... On an EeePC, compiz allows me to reduce the dependency...
But I agree I'd prefer to use kwin!

KWin does not need the KDE desktop, it needs only the KDE libraries. You can use it also in GNOME, Xfce or even standalone if you would want to ( ).

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