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Hardware, Embedded Systems As a photographer, with some high-end equipment, I used to look down on point-and-shoot digicams, putting them in the same category as camera phone, i.e. not capable of taking any picture worth keeping. I was wrong. My experience with a Kodak CX7220 (sells for about $70), graciously provided by, turned out to be unexpectedly positive.
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I think...
by suryad on Wed 21st Sep 2005 22:37 UTC
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...that having owned a point and shoot film camera and they after recently graduating and buying myself a Canon EOS 20D with a 17-85 lens, the camera is a big factor in the kind of pictures you are able to capture. The thing is there are a lot of shots...especially in the case of travelling that require you to just have an itchy trigger finger. I mean I went to this river bank in India...and there was a little kid and his brother I believe it was, just diving from a ledge into the river...and the lighting and everything was just great...I whip out my camera and I fire away in continuous drive mode and get some really great shots.

It is that kind of an advantage that pushed me to getting a digital slr. True that if you take your time and compose a shot, you can get really awesome results on a throw away camera. But for those on the go and into action photography I think technology and advancements are definitely a must.

I must go ahead and say that I am not a professional photographer by any means and I have barely started exploring my camera's features and when and how to use them...there are limitless possibilities and that is quite appealing to me. My 2 cents.

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