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Benchmarks "In January we published a review of the AMD Shanghai Opteron CPUs on Linux- when we looked at four of the Opteron 2384 models. The performance of these 45nm quad-core workstation/server processors were great when compared to the earlier AMD Barcelona processors on Ubuntu Linux, but how is their performance when running Sun's OpenSolaris operating system? Up for viewing today are dual AMD Shanghai benchmarks when running OpenSolaris 2008.11, Ubuntu 8.10, and a daily build of the forthcoming Ubuntu 9.04 release."
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by 404error on Thu 12th Feb 2009 10:22 UTC
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The benchmarks that were selected for this comparison are completely inappropriate for the proposed question. Almost all of the benchmarks are highly compute-intensive. For such programs, the operating system effectively hands off control to the program, interupts it only very very briefly, and then resumes control when it is finished. In other words, the operating system does virtually nothing. It is mentioned above that the compiler might affect things, but this is indeed a dramatic understatement. These benchmarks are effectively only testing the compiler. Running these programs compiled using the same compiler across different platforms would produce differences of only a couple percent (from scheduling overhead, context switch times, memory management routines, cpu affinities, etc). The only potentially valid benchmarks are the SQLite and File Encryption benchmarks, and even these require greater scrutiny.

I am not a big opensolaris fan myself, but using such programs to benchmark an operating system is exceedingly foolish.

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