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Linux Cuba recently launched its own answer to Windows this week, or, in the bigger picture, what the Cubans are calling "US Hegemony." Nova, the new open source OS being offered by the Cuban government, is being made to boot out US-based Microsoft products.
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US Cuban policy has nothing to do with communism. It has everything to do with Florida.

Basically, winning Florida is pretty crucial to winning the Presidency because of the electoral college. Many ex-Cubans live in Florida and they are vehemently anti-Castro. So, our whole Cuban policy is shaped by a relatively small group of people living in Florida.

Anyone who is intellectually honest--regardless of what they think about the Cuban regime--realizes that our trade embargo is absolutely ridiculous. Just look at China. China is just as bad if not worse than Cuba in terms of freedom/human rights and yet they get most favored nation trading status.

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