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BeOS & Derivatives Back when it was becoming clear that the time of the BeOS had come and gone, enthusiasts immediately set up the OpenBeOS project, an attempt to recreate the Be operating system from scratch, using a MIT-like license. The project faced difficult odds, and numerous times progress seemed quite slow. Still, persistence pays off, and the first alpha release is drawing ever closer. We decided to take a look at where Haiku currently stands.
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Development tools for BeOS/Haiku
by transputer_guy on Thu 12th Feb 2009 17:44 UTC
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I am mostly interested in cross platform development between BeOS-Haiku, Windows, Linux, OSX so the issue for me is cross platform IDEs and which APIs to base apps and tools on. The rest of the features that make BeOS so elegant are great bonus points but a low end IDE is a big drag on development.

My IDE vendor of choice was and still is Metrowerks which I fell in love with from Sys8 MacOS days. At one time Metrowerks gave Codewarriors umpteen platforms to choose from including MacOS, BeOS, Windows, and a preview for RH Linux. Although the company is largely gone (Nokia bleh), I still use CW 8 on Windows and I now hate to use the BeIDE (Be's Metrowerks version) because of the lame debugger. If Windows didn't have this Metrowerks IDE, I'd be forced to go back to VS6 which is okay but hardly cross platform. I have not yet found which IDE on Linux I might yet like.

If Haiku is to get a fresh set of modern apps, it is going to need something much better than BeIDE and since Metrowerks is gone, then really all those IDE tools are fossils with no sources.

Now on Ubuntu I see some interesting cross platform tools that are Linux and Windows friendly and open source like CodeBlocks which I am still trying out on both OSes. I can't help but wonder if that might not be a great candidate to retarget to Haiku as it is natively supporting several widget toolkits already. But of course it wouldn't be a Be app, but really neither was BeIDE either.

Today cross platform usually means choosing between GTK, Qt, Mono, WX, Java and plenty more besides.

With Haiku API sources now available I wonder if a relatively small portable library for Windows, Linux and OSx could be released that would allow cross platform apps with BeOS APIs instead of those above?

That would also mean having another platform to build Be apps from with much better development tools and bring them back to BeIDE for final tweaks.

That would also allow many Be apps to be recompiled for other platforms and eventually persuade some of those users to tryout the Haiku platform.

I am still gobsmacked that Process Controller got ported to Windows and it works great. I missed that story till the other day. I would love to see many more Be apps come over too but having the Be APIs on many platforms would make that a piece of cake.

Now several comments have mentioned the problem of bringing Linux apps to Haiku esp the big ones, that is they bring their own basic GUI plumbing with them every time and are over sized as a result. If the Be API kit was out there free of Haiku, then you get a marvelous way of creating apps for many platforms but with Haiku as the home target.

I would appreciate any of the developers here to comment on cross OS supporting Be APIs, and what could replace BeIDE and what IDEs on Linux are useful to the Haiku devs.

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