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Original OSNews Interviews Lunascape5 Genesis is a feature rich browser that brings the best of everything in the browser world. It is the world's first triple engine browser that gives users the freedom to choose between Trident (IE engine), Gecko or Webkit. The beta version of the browser was released today and it is available for download from their official website. In addition to offering three different rendering engines, the company blog announced that Lunascape5 has emerged as a winner in the SunSpider Javascript benchmark outperforming IE8 (alpha), FF3.1 (beta), Google Chrome and Opera 10 (alpha). We also have a short interview with the CEO of Lunascape Inc, Mr. Hidekazu Kondo.
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Google Chrome webkit?
by Chezz on Thu 12th Feb 2009 18:26 UTC
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WTF? Isnt this supposed to be Safari not Chrome. I know Safari uses webkit and I know apple introduced webkit aftering merging khtml. Whats with Google taking over this lovely core?

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