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Mono Project Novell's Miguel de Icaza has announced on his blog that Moonlight has hit the 1.0 milestone. Moonlight is the open source implementation of Microsoft's Silverlight technology, a framework similar to Adobe's Flash. Silverlight has already been used during the Olympic Games and President Obama's inauguration for streaming those events across the internet.
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"If/when a user navigates to a website that needs the codecs (and hasn't been built against ffmpeg), Moonlight will ask the user if he or she would like to download/install Microsoft's codec blob (directly from Microsoft).

What happens when Microsoft pulls the codecs from its site, or at the very least, becomes disinterested in providing the updated versions? It doesn't look much like free software to me, and while Silverlight is more than video it is an extremely huge part of it.

You do realise that you're helping them build a userbase for Silverlight, which is pretty heavy going right now considering there is a lot of Flash/Shockwave etc. content out there, and then they're going to kick Moonlight users in the teeth once they feel that critical mass has been achieved?

When -and if- that day comes, then people will have to obtain their codecs from somewhere else. Just like they do today.

But if you want to fight the system, feel free to send us patches to integrate Theora/Dirac.

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