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Original OSNews Interviews Lunascape5 Genesis is a feature rich browser that brings the best of everything in the browser world. It is the world's first triple engine browser that gives users the freedom to choose between Trident (IE engine), Gecko or Webkit. The beta version of the browser was released today and it is available for download from their official website. In addition to offering three different rendering engines, the company blog announced that Lunascape5 has emerged as a winner in the SunSpider Javascript benchmark outperforming IE8 (alpha), FF3.1 (beta), Google Chrome and Opera 10 (alpha). We also have a short interview with the CEO of Lunascape Inc, Mr. Hidekazu Kondo.
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Comment by TLZ_
by TLZ_ on Fri 13th Feb 2009 09:06 UTC
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This reminds me of the late 90s and early 2000s when there was a lot of various trident-based (and some that was hybrid Trident/Gecko) browser with branding. (Yahoo-browser, MSN-browser, AOL-browser, etc...)

Seems like this is a new trend, in Mac there is an explosion of various WebKit browsers and in windows you have things such as Sleipnir, which also is Japanese.

I don't really see the point of all these though, they rarely add more value than the browsers that "own" the rendering engines they are using.

"Back in August 2001 the big problem with browsers was keeping multiple windows open at once. Screens were small, having 20 windows open at once was annoying. So I built the initial Lunascape browser with tabs, the world's first"

Opera 5 had tabs in 2000.
(Can't remember whether Mozilla had it before 2001 or not.)

"Something close to 5 billion people still are not using the Internet at all. Using a browser will be, more than likely, the first and best way for new users of the Internet to take advantage of cyberspace."
Chances are that they'll access that with a mobile browser(not necesseraliy on a smartphone) and not a computer. This is why Opera Mobile is actually more used than Safari Mobile despite iPhones huge success.

(I realize that I come off as a Opera-fanboy here, for the record: I'm a Firefox user at desktop, and Safari user with my phone.)

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