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Apple The iPhone, Apple's current cash cow and best selling cellular phone in the United States, is a completely closed phone in that only applications from the App Store can be installed on the phone. However, by jailbreaking the iPhone you can install applications from whatever source you want, which might be desirable if an application you want isn't allowed into the App Store by Apple. The Cupertino company has never had an official stance on jailbeaking, but this has now changed: according to them, it's a breach of copyright.
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by sj87 on Fri 13th Feb 2009 20:46 UTC in reply to "Comment by satan666"
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I don't own an iPhone (thank God) but let's suppose I do. Why can't I do anything I want with the product that I bought? I

In the US they call it 'capitalism'. The right to not to sell the actual software/device, just rent licences for people so they can perform certain actions with it.

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