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Google A major complaint about Google's Chrome web browser has been that so far, it is still not available on anything other than Windows. Google promised to deliver Chrome to Mac OS X and Linux as well, but as it turns out, this is a little harder than they anticipated, Ben Goodger, Google's Chrome interface lead, has explained in an email. It has also been revealed what toolkit the Linux version of Chrome will use: Gtk+.
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RE[6]: Google is not one company
by vivainio on Sat 14th Feb 2009 21:06 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Google is not one company"
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Wow. I have one guy on one side hammering me about how QT is going LGPL and another guy on the other side hammering me about how we can't see the wonderful benefits of QT due to NDA agreements. Fantastic community. How can I join? Is there an NDA involved?

Of course you can hear about benefits of Qt - you just won't see what Nokia is up to as far as their products (phones) go immediately.

If anything, Qt development is moving to a more open model with LGPL license and other future changes to the development flow (acceptance of outside contributions without copyright assignment etc).

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