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Google A major complaint about Google's Chrome web browser has been that so far, it is still not available on anything other than Windows. Google promised to deliver Chrome to Mac OS X and Linux as well, but as it turns out, this is a little harder than they anticipated, Ben Goodger, Google's Chrome interface lead, has explained in an email. It has also been revealed what toolkit the Linux version of Chrome will use: Gtk+.
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RE[2]: QT4 apps on Gnome
by chemical_scum on Sun 15th Feb 2009 13:11 UTC in reply to "RE: QT4 apps on Gnome"
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Does QT4 support Core Data or the upcoming Grand Central for example?

Really -- the Linux brigade should be grateful that Google are even bothering to do more than a simple Wine-port.

Really you Apple obsessives get me down. You don't want a parallel release of Chrome for all major platforms you want one that not only uses some of the special features of OS X but also upcoming features that are not yet even implemented.

wtf should I care we can both use Crossover Chromium until the native ports come out.

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