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OSNews, Generic OSes It was a fun week for OSNews, with many interesting debates on polarising subjects such as the global menubar in GNOME, Chrome using Gtk+ on Linux, and Cuba moving to Linux. We also took a look at Haiku, talked to Nicki Clyne and the CEO of Lunascape, and reported on a few releases of small operating systems. This week's My Take is about the economic crisis.
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RE: Yay, politics
by adkilla on Sun 15th Feb 2009 14:39 UTC in reply to "Yay, politics"
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While C4 & friends screw the Malaysian public royally (with the monarchs joining in on the fun), the job sector hasn't been all that bad. But I am not from manufacturing or retail.

Well just so you know, it ain't all peaches down under either. Had friends migrated recently with a hard time keeping a job.


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