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OSNews, Generic OSes It was a fun week for OSNews, with many interesting debates on polarising subjects such as the global menubar in GNOME, Chrome using Gtk+ on Linux, and Cuba moving to Linux. We also took a look at Haiku, talked to Nicki Clyne and the CEO of Lunascape, and reported on a few releases of small operating systems. This week's My Take is about the economic crisis.
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RE: Situation in Brazil
by eulogy on Sun 15th Feb 2009 22:41 UTC in reply to "Situation in Brazil"
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The situation is similar in Australia.
The banks are in good shape, the economy is still growing. In fact, in the last quarter, there was an increase in full time jobs (and a decrease in part time jobs).

Also, due to reduced demand from China and other Asian countries, demand for minerals (such as iron ore and coal) have declined, as well as their prices.

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