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Multimedia, AV, known for their cheap televisions, sent us in the 22" Vizio VO22LFHDTV model for a review. This full 1080p has the size of a PC monitor, so it was tested as both a TV and a PC monitor, and as a hybrid: external TV monitor for video editing while connected to a PC. Its size makes it ideal for such a scenario, but is it really the ideal product for this kind of usage?
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by Kokopelli on Mon 16th Feb 2009 12:35 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Comment by bnolsen"
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Sorry to go off topic but...Sbergman27. what happened to you? It used to be that you were by a far margin the commenter I respected the most. Your comments were consistently so well thought and on target I would read them if I saw them on the side bar, even if I had no interest in the article. Over the last few months you have taken to being vicious for no reason I can determine sometimes though. You still post insightful stuff, but you have become just another poster and this makes me sad.

Eugenia enjoys doing video work and does it quite a bit. So she has formed opinions on the tech involved. Similarly you have developed opinions on the tech (and programs) involved in thin clients. When you make comments about epiphany I understand that at least in part it is from your experience in your field. This flavors the opinion and I do not make light of your experience when you comment about it.

I expect attack pieces from some of the others but not you. Or at least I used to not expect it.

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